Impact of KVK

KVK Lohaghat is working through the different mandatory activities as training, location specific problem based On Farm Trials, training for extension functionaries, production of quality planting material/ seed and demonstrations of high yielding crops, vegetables, fodder, nutritional garden, fertilizer management, insect and pest management, IDM and cash crops etc.. Along with above activities KVK Lohaghat is also working on different specific technologies as Orchard management practices for temperate fruits crops, Rain water harvesting Technology for higher production of hi-value horticultural crops, Staking Technology for Cucumber and tomato crops, Nursery rising Technology for Hi-value horticultural crops, Drip-irrigation Technology for growing for hi-value horticultural crops, Mulching Technology for growing hi-value horticultural crops, Poly-tunnel Technology of growing for Nursery and busy horticultural crops, Polyhouse Technology of growing for hi-value horticultural crops, Gladiolus cut flowers growing practices for hill farmers and Pruning and INM availability for orchard management for the maximum benefits of farming community. As the impact of all above activities more than 2000 farmers of district and outside district are being benefited by single or collaborative activities and technologies. The area near by the KVK is known for vegetable and fruit production in the district due use of protective and other production technologies. A large number of farmers adopted high yielding crop variety of seeds.